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Nano-, Micro- and Macro-Influencer - The future of advertising?

Influencer marketing has become a very important strategy in many companies nowadays. Paying an Influencer with over a million followers for advertising a product for sure is not the cheapest strategy. But is it the best? Which role do Nano-, Micro- or Macro Influencers play and which type of Influencer fits your company’s needs?

Influencers are opinion leaders, multipliers and even ambassadors for products and brands. And the good thing: Everyone can be an Influencer. Influencers can be social media activists, bloggers, journalists, customers or even employees. The profession is not the most important thing. The most important thing is the passion to a certain topic. Based on this, companies need to decide which type of Influencer fits to their specific marketing strategy.


The number one criteria when it comes to choosing the best type of Influencer is the goal of the marketing strategy and the target group of the product:

The Nano-Influencer:

Basically everyone can be an Influencer, there is no need for having over a million followers. Even though the Nano-Influencer does not have many followers, he has a very high rate of engagement. The Nano-Influencer acts locally and his postings include local restaurants, local events or local activities. Quality over Quantity.

Nano-Influencers for local restaurants


The Micro-Influencer:

With around 10.000 followers and an engagement rate of 50%, the Micro-Influencer is gaining importance for companies with a very specific target group. Companies that intent to gain relevant reach – not general – reach should focus on a marketing strategy including Micro-Influencers. A sports manufacturer, who wants to gain relevant reach, should focus on Micro-Influencer-Marketing instead of Mega-Influencer-Marketing. Many of the followers of famous sports-superstars don’t do sports at all…

Micro-Influencers for sports manufacturers


The Macro-Influencer:

A six-figure amount of followers, high posting rates but a low rate of engagement – The Macro-Influencer. The Macro-Influencer tends to focus on posting as much as possible. With the amount of postings comes a reduction of the engagement of his followers. The followers might get the feeling that the Influencer is promoting every product, regardless of his own opinion, just to make money. The Influencers’ recommendation is no longer what he wants to recommend, it’s rather what he needs to recommend to make a living out of it. Quantity over Quality.

Macro-Influencers for gaining (worldwide) reach


As a result of the high amount of postings, the low rate of engagement of the followers and the price for a cooperation with a company, Mega-Influencers (with over a million followers) are not always the best marketing strategy for companies. The Nano-, Micro- and Macro-Influencers are gaining importance, especially for small local companies. They cannot increase the reach of a company worldwide, but they can generate new valuable customers.

Have you already decided, which Influencer fits your company best?

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