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IGTV - New marketing opportunities?

How successful will Social Media Marketing on IGTV be? How will it look like and what do the Influencers think of the new platform?

The big indifference among the users of Instagram as well as the Influencers does not answer the question whether new marketing strategies via IGTV will be successful or not. It is for sure that IGTV creates a new market in the video segment and revolutionizes 9:16 format videography.

About 2 weeks ago Instagram released a new platform called IGTV, enabling users to upload videos with a length of 60 minutes and a 9:16 canvas-format. Until that point, creators were restricted to a length of 15 seconds for videos in their stories and 60 seconds for videos in their feed.

IGTV changes Influencer-Marketing

With the opportunity to upload 60min-videos and to link the IGTV-content to your Instagram page it is quite obvious that Influencers face new marketing opportunities. But what is the chance of IGTV to succeed?

Big indifference among users

A Hashtaglove-survey showed that there is a big indifference among users to actually post videos with a length over 1 minute. 21% of the surveyed confirmed that they will post on IGTV very likely, 17% said that it will be likely, whereas 19% stated that it is unlikely that they will use the new platform.

Big indifference among Influencers

The indifference can also be found among the Influencers. Many of them do not tend to post videos on Instagram, they would have not need to post videos up to 60 minutes now. Others, such as photographers or videographers might see IGTV as the new YouTube. A platform to share his videos without any restriction, which is directly connected to the instagram profile. Vlogging in a 9:16 format by just taking the phone and not worrying about recording in 16:9? IGTV makes it possible.

Since IGTV is very new to the market and the marketing strategies still have to be accepted and implemented, the conclusion, whether IGTV will be successful or not needs some more time. For sure it creates new opportunities and has the potential to revolutionize digital marketing.

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